About us

Poland, the Great Project Foundation is a non-governmental institution presenting Polish
and Central-Eastern European point of view. It is the host of the Congress under the same
title which is the most important gathering of conservative and patriotic communities in
Poland and one of the essentials in the region. Our Foundation conducts event and publishing
projects which engage the finest intellectuals, authors, civic leaders and politicians from
Poland. Simultaneously Poland, the Great Project expands its activities and partnerships

The crucial enterprise of our Foundation is Poland, the Great Project Congress which is
held yearly. Forthcoming, 13th edition will take place between 2nd-4th June 2023 in
Warsaw at Arkady Kubickiego at the bottom of the Royal Castle. Its main theme is
Sovereignty and will cover subjects of e.g. war in Ukraine and new EU politics. During the
Congress we award authorities whose works and legacy support values of our mission with
President Lech Kaczyński’s Prize (dedicated to Polish) and Courage and Integrity Medal
(dedicated to foreigners). Among lauerats of these awards are Sir Roger Scruton, composer
Wojciech Kilar, prof. Ryszard Legutko, George Weigel and sculptor Ludwika Ogorzelec.

Among others events we conduct are conferences with foreign partners (in Czechia and
upcoming in Croatia, Hungary and United Kingdom) and conferences in county towns (one
in each voivodeship in Poland). Also, we publish expert papers, economical reports,
sociological studies available on our website in open access. We collaborate with such
authors as prof. Jacek Czaputowicz, former minister of Foreign Affairs; dr. Marek Dietl,
president of Warsaw Stock Exchange, prof. Tomasz Grzegorz Grosse and dr. Tomasz Teluk.

Poland, the Great Project established as a spontaneous initiative of conservative intellectuals
in Warsaw who wanted to celebrate and continue the legacy of late Polish President Lech
Kaczyński. Our mission is to support patriotism, historical and cultural legacy of Poland and
Central-Eastern Europe, traditional European values and to promote economical,
technological and cultural achievements of our region.